Friday, June 15, 2012

Summary of the Week -- New Feature!

Alphabet Soup Child is introducing a new feature to the blog, beginning this week.  "Summary of the Week" will appear every Friday morning.  It will be a brief rundown of news stories and other items related to our alphabet soup children that just happened to catch my eye during the week.  If you have any interesting news stories to share, please add them into the comments!  Also, feel free to nominate stories/blog posts/anything you think our readers would be interested in.

Imaging studies question connectivity theory of autism

This is a story about advancements in understanding autism using MRI brain scans.  It's a bit science-y, but I found it really interesting.

Age at Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders

This is a study that was done to learn more about how the age of diagnosis affects kids with autism.  The study also identified a significant problem in getting a timely diagnosis in minorities.  

CD Sweep:  Benefiting the Autism Science Foundation

Trying to clean out your clutter?  Here's a novel way to clear out your CDs and DVDs (that you've surely converted to digital by now) and do a good deed all in one swoop.

Freezer malfunction thaws 150 brains at Harvard research hospital

This was an unfortunate situation that is going to seriously set back autism research. Why was there no back-up system?  You can also read the letter by Autism Speaks with all the details.

dear you

And, finally, a blog post that every single Alphabet Soup parent should read because we all need this daily reminder.  

What were the biggest stories for you this week?  

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